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"My oldest daughter attended this school for 2 years. We even opted to have her complete kindergarten here and she just graduated in June. We knew it was the best place for her from the start. When we first visited Rainbow Montessori I knew this was the place for my daughter. The environment was optimal for student learning and all the students were engaged and participating in activities. I loved the idea of allowing all students to interact with peers of different ages and not simply those within their age group. She never once complained about going to school and was excited to go every day. Within two months of enrolling my daughter she was beginning to read and becoming more independent with her work. She also demonstrated confidence and responsibility. Currently she works on double-digit addition and subtraction. She is advanced for her age because of the dedication and knowledge she received at her school. She will attend our public school system for first grade and when we met the principal of that school, she was extremely impressed with her level of maturity and even stated she was academically advanced for her age. She also commended the school for their work. The staff is by far not just employees but family. They work well together and truly care about each student. The dedication to their jobs is evident in all they do and there is constant communication between the staff and the parents. Every question we had was answered promptly and thoroughly.My youngest daughter is enrolled to start this September and I am looking forward to continuing my relationship with the staff. I could not have picked a better place to foster their learning and to give them every opportunity to excel academically and socially. They are truly exceptional and phenomenal" — The Garcia/Pan family

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"The teachers at Rainbow Montessori are a loving, dedicated and inspiring group who care profoundly for the children in their care. Over the course of three years, I watched my son blossom from a rambunctious toddler into a smart, self-possessed confident little boy who loved going to school and absolutely adored his beloved teacher. The affection he has for Ms. Early and the independence he learned from the Montessori method has stayed with him and given him an inner confidence that I can see in all he does" — Ronda K.

"Rainbow Montessori is not only a wonderful school, it is also a delightful community devoted to the families that go there. Our daughter started as an infant and her teacher would send us photos of her throughout the day so we could see her playing, napping and eating. Although we missed our baby, we knew she was adored and happy with her wonderful teachers. As she grew, the directress and her teacher talked to us about how best to transition her to the toddler room so we felt completely engaged in her development. When she finally graduated to the toddler room, she was happy and ready to be with the big kids and so were we!" — David B.

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"In 2002, we were blessed with our beautiful daughter Kayla. After a few months of maternity leave, it was time for us to make that very hard decision of who we would entrust to care for her when I returned to work. After visiting several different daycares/schools in the area, we decided to choose Rainbow Montessori (Clifton Campus). We were astonished at how well she was cared for by Ms. Peggy and Mrs. Elif. The room was always very clean, we received a daily log of her feeds, diaper changes, and naps, as well personal notes on her daily activities. She was not just another kid in the room. The teachers knew our daughter and adjusted to her wants and needs. There was no question she was receiving the best care possible. Kayla continued to the toddler room and began to learn so much so quickly, while still receiving the same quality of care and love. By the age of two Kayla was completely potty trained thanks to the help of her teachers, well socialized and making academic achievements daily. At the age of three, Kayla moved to Mrs. A's Pre-K-Kindergarten classroom where she stayed until it was time to graduate kindergarten. With Mrs. A. Kayla continued to blossom. She learned how to become independent, made many academic strides, and was encouraged to be herself. Now at the age of ten Kayla still holds her memories of Rainbow Montessori dear to her heart. In 2009, we were once again blessed with the birth of another child, our son William. Without a second thought, we enrolled him in the infant room with Ms. Griselle and Ms. Peggy. Once again, we were amazed at just how well our little guy was cared for. Nothing had changed! William is currently in Pre-K with Ms. Early and is doing so well. His academics, social skills, and love for learning are growing daily. He will even ask for Ms. Early and his friends on the weekends! He looks forward to going to school each morning to see his before care teachers Miss Dilek and Ms. Peggy and truly does not mind staying in after care because he adores Mr. Manny, and the other staff. Sometimes he even gets to help Mrs. A., which he really enjoys. Knowing our child is well cared for and happy to be at Rainbow Montessori is an amazing feeling. We are forever in debt to all the wonderful people who are a part of the Rainbow Montessori staff" — Cindy and Chris T.

My children started in the day care program at Rainbow and it was the hardest discussion I ever had to make. But Rainbow staff really made it an easy transition. I fell in love with the school and now my son is in the elementary program and I just can’t let go. I’m so happy we found Rainbow Montessori. — Marina T.

Rainbow Montessori has been the best choice I have made for my little girl!! The Montessori Method has given my child a positive learning experience and has opened my eyes to a new way of learning. Instilling the love of learning, every day is a new and exciting educational experience. Teachers and staff are loving and caring, always ready to answer any of my questions. Wonderful, embracing environment that stimulates the love of learning in children. Thank you Rainbow Montessori for all you do! — Harumi <3

I started my son at Rainbow almost two years ago and I couldn’t be happier. He started in the infant program and is now almost in the pre-k program. He has learned so much, way more than I could have taught him on my own. He amazes me daily with how much he has learned over these past couple years. He loves his teachers and his classmates and I feel at ease knowing that he is being taken care of while he is not with me. I am about to have another baby and I am so happy that I have the staff at Rainbow to care for this one too. It is hard leaving your child with others at any age, but I am able to do so because I know that he will be in good hands with people that truly love him. I couldn’t be happier with Rainbow and I am so glad that everything worked out the way it did.   — Jess H.

From the moment our children attended Rainbow Montessori School, we have gained another family and an excellent program dedicated to helping their students reach their goals and exceed them. The quality of education surpasses all expectations, and the Montessori method is taught with dedication and enthusiasm. Jacquline Alectoridis, the school's owner and head teacher, is above and beyond wonderful. Her exemplary teaching skills, strong leadership qualities, unending patience, and caring and nurturing manner toward the children are part of each school day. She is an excellent communicator and is clearly passionate about what she does for a living. Passion is hard to come by these days and Jackie has made clear that this is not just a job for her; it’s a way of life!

The same can be said about the rest of the fabulous teachers and staff members at RMS, who go above and beyond to create a happy and healthy environment for all children. The RMS team work really hard at building relationships with their students' families, and that's a quality I truly appreciate. As such, they have earned the affection, trust, and respect of not only their students, but the parents as well.

My boys love their teachers and look forward to school each day. The school itself is designed and decorated with love and care. It is located right next to a church and has lovely grass and tree filled areas and playgrounds which the children happily use daily. This establishment is truly an asset to the city of Clifton in every way!   — The Aref Family

As a former Rainbow Montessori student I can honestly say this school provides the best, most supportive and fun, learning opportunities to children. Everyone is treated like family, curriculum is tailored to fit the need of each individual student, teachers are upbeat and passionate, it is the absolute best school out there! My daughter now attends Rainbow Montessori; she is two and half and already moving to Preschool! The Rainbow Montessori philosophy has taught her how to excel academically and provided her with key social emotional skills like sharing and being kind that no other school could have offered! I wouldn’t send my daughter anyone where else.   — Cara C.

Until my son was 18months, only 2 family members had ever watched him. We strongly believed that a baby only needed love and attention in his earlieat moments. However, when we needed alternative care, Rainbow Montessori immediately felt like family. Our son took to the staff swiftly. He felt safe, and so did we.

We quickly learned the tremendous academic and enrichment benefits, as well. Our once shy child came home more confident and independent than we ever imagined. He spent time retelling of all the things he learned at school, like different cultures, traditions, habitats, and animals that occupy each of the continents and countries within. When he became interested in a different topic, he was quickly encouraged to research more.

Furthermore, the school supports it’s families like a true community and teaches the children about the importance of volunteerism and philanthropy.

We were looking for quality childcare. What we found was that and so much more- a loving and enriching community of caregivers who have dedicated their lives to helping children explore and learn in life.   — S. Scott

Montessori teaching is an extraordinary way to learn for a child, it helped my youngest immensely. The staff at Rainbow make it beyond extraordinary with their dedication, professionalism and true caring towards their students and families! Keep up the good work. — Christine K.

Our son and daughter attend Rainbow Montessori and we couldn't be happier. We've seen such an improvement in both our children since they've been attending. Our son, turning 4, has a much better attention span and his vocabulary is growing so rapidly. Our daughter, 20 months, is learning different sounds and trying to say words as she hears them. Both of them love this school! What speaks volumes to me is how my children behave at drop off. There is ZERO hesitation!!! They love their teachers and know they are in good hands while they are away from their parents. The staff work effectively to keep all parents well informed about events, illnesses and incidents. Incidents, though uncommon, are handled immediately and we are notified promptly. As a parent, putting your child in the care of another can be very stressful. Everything from the start of our experience with this school has been nothing but stress-FREE. We are so grateful. Thank you. — Lisa & Dina P.

I just wanted to take some time before Colton's last day next week to say thank you! Thank you for welcoming my little boy with open arms. My husband and I were so frightened to leave him after his poor treatment at another daycare facility. We see such a wonderful, positive change in Colton since he started attending Rainbow Montessori. I no longer pick up a crying baby or a baby who did not eat all day and was neglected. I see a happy little boy who spent his day busy and best of all loved. Colton is thriving, meeting all of his milestones with ease and learns so much thanks to all of you. All of your teachers are amazing and pleasant to work with and always greet both myself and Colton with a smile. They are attentive to his needs and ease my worries. I can never express how wonderful it is to see Colton run back to a teacher to give her a kiss and hug good-bye. I know that my son is treated with kindness and what means the most to us is that he is loved and shown love throughout the day. Being with you all has been such a wonderful, pleasant experience and we look forward to Colton continuing his experience with everyone in October. Have a wonderful summer and again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Lauren W.